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We Appreciate Our Linemen

Lineman Appreciation DayApril is a very special time of year for our organization and for electric cooperatives across the nation. The second Monday of each April is designated to serve as the day electric cooperatives celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day in honor of linemen who work to keep the lights on. However, we don’t think one day is adequate, so we at United dedicate the entire month as an opportunity for all of us to recognize the United linemen who keep the lights on.

While it takes all of United’s outstanding employees to meet the needs of our membership, the linemen are the lifeblood of an electric distribution utility and that couldn’t be more true for our cooperative. They’re a special breed, who understand their purpose is to be there for our members around the clock, every day of the year, rain or shine, through tornadoes or wildfires. We care deeply for them, as we know all of our United family does, so we ask that you join usin recognizing them this month.

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Free Energy Audit Can Lead to Energy Savings
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Whether it’s paying your bill online, learning innovative ways to save energy, or preparing for your energy future, United stands ready to be the energy expert you and your home can depend on.


Nothing says cooperation like having an electric utility that’s prepared to provide the energy expertise necessary to thrive in today’s economy.

New Construction

Time is precious. At United, we’re prepared to help builders and developers work through the challenges of scheduling and finalizing projects in the professional manner you deserve.