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When a large outage occurs, such as on June 20, call volume is high and can create delays in reporting outages. Our OUTAGE TEXTING option is tied directly to our outage management system (OMS). If we have your mobile phone number associated with your account, once you text your outage to us, it automatically is identified by the OMS and we can dispatch a crew or use remote technology much quicker. IT’S ESSENTIAL THAT WE HAVE THE MOBILE PHONE NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH AN ACCOUNT.


United Rush Hour Rewards Now Available to Residential Members with Nest Thermostats

In collaboration with Nest Labs, your cooperative can reward eligible United residential members with up to $110 in bill credits during their first full year of participation in a new demand response program utilizing Nest Learning Thermostats. Learn More

Web BannerMembers Have Access to HVAC Filters at Steep Discounts
A few minutes. That’s all the time it takes to change your home’s air filter and start saving money on your energy bill. If checked and changed regularly, you could realize $70-$100 a year in energy savings. Plus, United has arranged for members to get up to 50% off of new HVAC filters by purchasing online HERE.

Free Energy Audit Can Lead to Energy Savings
When temperatures get low, energy use gets high. Weather plays the most significant role in energy use. Whether your home isn’t tight or your heating and cooling system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, ask us to perform a free home energy audit to learn which areas in your home waste energy and how to resolve those issues. Click HERE to sign up for your free on-site analysis. United Cooperative Services…Looking Out For You.


Whether it’s paying your bill online, learning innovative ways to save energy, or preparing for your energy future, United stands ready to be the energy expert you and your home can depend on.


Nothing says cooperation like having an electric utility that’s prepared to provide the energy expertise necessary to thrive in today’s economy.

New Construction

Time is precious. At United, we’re prepared to help builders and developers work through the challenges of scheduling and finalizing projects in the professional manner you deserve.