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10 Steps for DG Interconnection with United Cooperative Services

  1. Review the Following to Ensure Compliance with UCS Policy:
    1. Sections 205 and 206 of the UCS DG Tariff
    2. UCS Distributed Generation Procedures and Guidelines Manual for Members
    3. A Quick Overview of Technical Requirements for DG Interconnection


  1. Submit Interconnection Application and Supporting Documents

Download a copy of the Application for Interconnection, review it and submit a copy to UCS.Submit a one-line diagram or schematic showing the electrical design of the generating installation, including equipment for interconnection with the Cooperative’s system.UCS may require additional documents.


  1. Sign and Submit Interconnection Agreement

Stating that the member is agreeing to and will meet all the terms in the Agreement.


  1. Sign and Submit Energy Smarts DG Grant Application and Provide Copy of Invoice or Quote/Estimate

Click here to see if an Energy Smarts Grant is available for your particular installation.


  1. UCS Review of Application and Supporting Documents

UCS will review the application and supporting documents and notify the member whether permission is granted to proceed with the installation.


  1. Comply with Extension Conditions (if required)

If extension of UCS’s facilities is necessary to complete interconnection, members will be required to comply with conditions of the Line Extension Policy.


  1. Comply with Applicable Laws

It is the member’s responsibility to make sure their power generating installations comply with applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations.


  1. Complete Construction

Construct the power generating installation and install a disconnect switch, warning/safety labels, and other protective equipment as may be required by the Cooperative to protect its personnel, facilities and operations.The system may be turned on briefly for testing but must remain off until verified and approved by UCS Personnel.


  1. Notify UCS of Completion

Notify the Cooperative in advance of energizing your small power generating installation and allow UCS staff to verify and test protective equipment.Upon completion, please notify UCS by sending an email to, and for a quicker response please follow the steps below:

  • In the subject line please include the word “Verification.”
  • In the body of the email please provide your installation/service address, account number and the name on your UCS account.

Once UCS receives the notification of completion, a UCS Energy Advisor will contact you to schedule a date and time for a site visit to verify the installation.


  1. Site Visit and Verification

A representative from UCS will meet member at the site to review the system size, the systems disconnect and safety features.The Energy Advisor will discuss billing and perform a free home energy audit the day of the verification.

  • In the event there are conditions preventing safe interconnection and proper parallel operation, UCS will notify the member.
  • The member may not interconnect or initiate parallel operation until such conditions are corrected and written notification has been provided to UCS.

After the disconnect switch and safety features have been reviewed and approved, a UCS representative will sign the Interconnection Agreement and leave an executed copy of agreement with the member.


The Cooperative disclaims any expertise or special knowledge related to the design or performance of generating installations and does not warrant the efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety, durability or reliability of generating installations.

In the event the member moves from the location of interconnection, the property owner will need to contact UCS and notify the Co-op of their intent to move from the property.

Please notify UCS when increasing the size of an existing generating facility.


Distributed Generation Interconnection and Parallel Operation Requirements Contact

Seth Rosser  
Energy Solutions Manager  
phone: 817-556-4063  


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