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United DG Demonstration Project Data

Interest in renewable energy systems continues to grow, but sometimes choosing the right type of unit can be daunting for consumers.

To help members obtain a real-world expectation for their potential renewable energy installations, United has implemented several DG demonstration projects at local offices and also made these units’ energy output data available for members and the public.

To view the data, visit Type in for the username and Lookingout4u! as the password.

While there, you can see all 13 of United's different renewable installations and how much energy they produce in real time. If you're planning to install a renewable DG , please contact United's trusted energy advisors to answer any questions and help you effectively navigate the planning and installation process.

Watch the short tutorial video below to see how to use the Olameter site:




United's Learning Lab sites include:

DG Burleson Solar is a 2.3 kW Schuco array with SMA Sunny Boy inverter.

DG Burleson Wind is a 10 kW Bergey Excel wind turbine.

DG Cleburne Solar 1 is the fixed, roof-mounted 1.48kW Westinghouse Solar array with Enphase micro-inverters.

DG Cleburne Solar 2 is the fixed 1.38kW Sunpower array with Enphase micro-inverters.

DG Cleburne Solar 3 is the tracking 1.38kW Sunpower array with Enphase micro-inverters.

DG Cleburne Wind 1 is the Windspot 3.5kW wind turbine.

DG Cleburne Wind 2 is the Xzeres 110HV 2.5kW wind turbine.

DG Granbury Solar is a 1.1 kW Canadian Solar array with PV Powered inverter.

DG Granbury Wind is a 2.4 kW Southwest Windpower Skystream wind turbine.

DG Meridian Solar is a tracking 1.44kW Schott array with Enphase mircro-inverters.

DG PK Lake Solar is a fixed 1.26kW Kyocera array with PV Powered inverter.

DG Stephenville 1 is the 1.8 kW Solarworld array with Kaco inverter.

DG Stephenville 2 is the 1.7 kW Sanyo array with Fronius inverter.


United Distributed Generation Contact

Seth Rosser  
Energy Solutions Manager  
phone: 817-556-4063  


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